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October 15 2017

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Inktober #7. If you like this drawing and want to see more like it, you should check out my patreon.

[Image description: drawing of a red snail in a blue shell above a caption that says “It’s okay that you’ve had to figure things out more than once. It’s okay that this isn’t your first time struggling. Progress isn’t always linear. There are ups and downs. But you made it this far. You already accomplished something. You can do it again. You can figure things out. You can do this. You can get through this and be okay.” in handwritten blue text.]

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September 24 2017

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September 23 2017

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September 21 2017

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Susanna Hertrich

The so-called ‘Chrono Shredder’ provides a palpable (or pulp-able?) physical reminder that all things are temporary, and we can never wind back time in this world.

Each day slowly shreds in realtime so that minute changes are visible even on an hourly or second-to-second basis if one is watching closely.  

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August 25 2017

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